Selection - Summer Dresses Best Suited for Your Body Shape!

A, X, H, O, V... My Guide, My Body Shape, My Summer Dress!

Due to the influence of trends and an ever-wide selection, it’s not always easy to find a model that flatters your figure.

The magic of sewing is being able to adjust patterns to fit your body shape so you can have clothes perfectly suited to your body and style! Knowing your body shape helps you choose the right sewing patterns.

Are you an A, X, O, H, or V? The Burda Style editorial team has joyfully prepared a selection of summer dresses along with a guide to body shapes just for you!

A (or pear-shaped) figure, triangular at the hips

Emphasize the upper body

This body shape is the essence of femininity! The shoulders and bust are small, with the chest well-proportioned to the upper body. Elaborate tops, perhaps with gathers, highlight smaller chests. Below, the hips and pelvis are slightly wider than the shoulders, with a subtly rounded buttocks. Straight skirts with a slight flare will balance the silhouette.


Dress 108 | Burda Style 06/24 (left)

The bust is highlighted by twisted straps that create a deep V-neckline both in the front and back. The skirt of the dress is flowing, without being overly voluminous. This cut is ideal for A-shaped silhouettes, with the waist elegantly accentuated by a thin belt. Planning a ceremony or special event? This is the model for you!


Dress 120 | Burda Style 07/23 (right)

A finely sculpted bust!

The upper body is tailored with darts and a curved cut that follows the lines of the waist and chest. The skirt slightly flares out in a trapeze shape, making it ideal for concealing hips that are more pronounced than the shoulders. With this cut, whether it's made with a solid-colored fabric or in a vibrant print like this one, the balance is perfect!

The H-shaped (or rectangle-shaped) body type, with a less defined waist

Enhance the curves

The shoulders, waist, and hips are nearly the same width. The key for this silhouette? Straight cuts for straight lines. Gatherings and details at the chest, waist, and hips delicately emphasize the curves. Opt for dresses with A-line or full skirts and patterned fabrics to add volume to the silhouette.


Dress 108 | Burda Style 07/21 (left)

Going for a less defined waist? The shoulders and beautiful neckline are defined by frilly straps and draw quite the eye! Linen ensures comfort in summer, and the trompe-l’oeil effect of the print is captivating. The cut flares out in a trapeze shape, concealing all the lines of the silhouette.


Dress 124 | Burda Style 04/24 (right)

Simplicity and femininity, the two seductive strengths of this dress. The straight cut perfectly suits H-shaped figures with its unmarked waistline. The sleeveless design enhances femininity by emphasizing posture. The ruffle at the bottom of the dress is a lovely finishing touch and pairs beautifully with the dress.

The V-shaped (or inverted triangle) body type, broader at the shoulders

Reduce volume on the top and accentuate the bottom

The V-shaped body is characterized by broader shoulders and a generous chest. To downplay the shoulders, opt for understated tops with V-necks in subtle and flowing fabrics and patterns. Highlight your legs with shorter dresses and accentuate the hip line to shift the center of attention advantageously in the silhouette.


Dress 109 | Burda Style 05/24 (left)

Subtle lines and details. Thought a square neckline widens the upper body? Think again—this dress complements the V-shaped silhouette perfectly. Numerous cutouts create a balanced silhouette. The dress gently flares out from the waist, concealing your broader shoulders compared to your hips.


Dress 120 | Burda Style 07/21 (right)

The top features clean lines and small sleeves to conceal broad shoulders. A subtly open slit at the neckline accentuates the nape of the neck. But the major highlight of this dress begins at the hips: inset pleats create volume, and the skirt flares out just above the thigh, drawing attention to your lovely legs.. a successful play of volume and shape!

The O-shaped (round) body type

Straight cuts, fluidity, and clean lines

Curvaceous? Soften your figure with dresses that elongate the silhouette and subtly define the waist to avoid cutting it off. The oval shape features a generous bust, rounded stomach, and often slender legs. The goal is to balance and refine with vertical stripes, for instance. Opt for flowing dresses that stylishly conceal curves.


Dress 114 | Burda Style 06/23 (left)

Versatility and sensuality! The cut is straight and understated yet equally charming. Bust darts structure the ensemble, and side pockets add a practical detail. The sequin fabric is as fun and sparkly as you are!


Dress 124 | Burda Style 05/23 (right)

Show off your curves with confidence! The wrap-style cut is very flattering for O-shaped body types! A beautiful trick: here, the belt is cut in the opposite direction of the dress fabric and sits just below the bust line. This brings focus on the crisscross neckline.

The X-shaped body type, also known as hourglass

Emphasize the curves

Draping and bias-cut fabrics play with shapes. Opt for fitted dresses and subtle patterns to skillfully highlight your curves. Measurements are approximately equal at the chest and hips, with a relatively narrow waist. If you enjoy form-fitting bottoms, the idea is to play with volumes, so emphasize as much as possible with two-part dresses and accentuate your waist with a fitted top or belted waistlines.


Dress 118 | Burda Style 06/23 (left)

A summer gem. This design has everything to elegantly highlight the lines of your X-shaped figure with lightness and femininity. The thin straps, a cinch cord to tie at your discretion, and a neckline adorned with a lovely ruffle, complemented by a flowing, dancing skirt.


Dress 101 | Burda Style 07/23 (right)

A refined, sculpted bust!

Highlight your curves! The waist is beautifully defined, and the dress comes in two parts: the top features princess seams and a trim that shapes the unique straps and neckline. The skirt gracefully follows the curves of the hips and pelvis without clinging. Opt for a lively print like this one or a solid fabric for a stylish look.

All these patterns are available in PDF format, which you can easily find on our website in just one click!