Welcome to the Jungle: 5 Plus Size Patterns
Six darts on the front and two in back shape "the skirt"perfectly along the figure and draw the waist in. Sophisticated: a slit at the knee.
Bring a touch of 60s design into your wardrobe with "this asymmetric cropped jacket" : with the contrast color buttons in a horn look. The generous sleeves are drawn in at the hem with darts for a cool boule effect.
The wide sleeves and "the generous cut" are especially flattering when sewn with the printed, lightweight and transparent viscose fabric. For more of a masculine look, sew it with a fine stripe shirting.
Exact cuffs, inlaid pleats along the shoulder and a moderate V-neckline ... the cut of "this dress" :with the bias skirt panel looks good on paper, though the real power of the style is in the wonderfully printed crêpe in electric blue and black.
If you are looking for an easy project you can sew with a printed jersey and still be flattering, then "this style" is the one. No darts and a bateau neckline make it ready to go.
The true partner to the animal print look is a casual trouser in a solid color fabric! "This pair" is a great choice and includes darts at the hem that, in combination with the sturdy double jersey, draws in the relaxed volume.
"This knee-length coat"sewn with a fine and shimmering jacquard tiger print is one that is sure to pull all looks your direction whether worn for an elegant opera evening or totally relaxed over a T-shirt and jeans. For a classic look, sew button holes instead of tabs along the front edges or combine it with a tying belt of the same fabric.
"Here" is your trendy alternative to jeans: extra-narrow trousers sewn in a bottle green imitation leather. If you would prefer a genuine (stretch) leather fabric, be sure to take the pattern to your leather outlet – the leathers can really vary in appearance!
Lush gathered raglan sleeves bring a modern element to the otherwise "classic blouse style" :https://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/gathered-blouse-082019?utm_source=burdastyle.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=bs-bsa-bl-190805-WildThingCollection-102.
You just can’t get enough of the animal print trend? "This style"with the elastic waist and relaxed cut sleeve agrees – the fabric has a patchwork look of various prints.