DIY Velvet Slippers
Photos: © Jan Schmiedel
MATERIALS: + "Velvet" + Thread + Felt + "Liquid latex" + Foam rubber + "Decovil I Vlieseline" + "Style Vil Vlieseline" + "Clips" + Scissors + Pins + Plastic headed pins + Pattern template
Velvet Slippers Steps 1 2
Step 1: Cut small sole without seam allowance from Decovil, iron to the wrong side of the velvet fabric and cut with 2 cm seam allowance. Stitch around the curved edges by hand and pull in around Decovil and set aside. Step 2: Also cut out the large sole from Decovil and iron on velvet. Cut the sole again from Style-Vil (foam) and fasten it by hand on the Decovil sole.
Velvet Slippers Steps 3 4
Step 3: Stitch and pull in basting threads to evenly ease around the edges so that the seam allowance lays inwards. Mark the flap placement with plastic head pins. Step 4: Cut flap with 2 cm extra on right and left for seam allowances, and iron on Style-Vil and to the wrong side of the velvet. Add 2 cm seam allowance to the velvet at the top and bottom and sew inside by hand.
Velvet Slippers Steps 5 6
Step 5: Cut the flap again with 2 cm seam allowances out of the velvet, iron in the seam allowance, pin it from the wrong side of the flap in step 4 and sew all around. Step 6: Clamp the large and small soles together on one side, insert the flap 2 cm in on one side and stitch around. Caution: leave an opening for the flap on the other side.
Velvet Slippers Steps 7 8
Step 7: Now put the flap 2 cm into the opening and sew it by hand. Step 8: Cut out a large felt sole and press it against the slipper from the bottom. Sew all by hand with thread.
Velvet Slippers Step 9
Step 9: Lastly, coat the sole with sole latex glue or emboss with sponge rubber and let dry. Repeat all steps for the other slipper. FINISHED! Complete your indoor look with these loungewear patterns below:
Velvet Slippers PATTERNS top left: "Negligé" :; top right: "Plus Size Bottoms" :; bottom left: "Bra and Knickers Set" :; bottom right: "Robe" :
Happy DIYing!