Retro Restyle: Feminine Shift Dress
Retro Dress Technical
For an ultra-feminine and elegant entrance, choose this dress with the narrow skirt. The pocket flaps and the tabbed sleeves relax the look. The belt shapes the typical hourglass figure that was a popular look for Grace Kelly.
Retro Dress 1957 Pattern
As the definition of feminine fashion in most of the 50s included wide petticoats and narrow pencil skirts, the shift at the end of the decade embraced more utilitarian elements. In 1957, the year that our retro look highlights here, the world was beginning to explore new spaces and enjoy economic prosperity. Fashion was beginning to turn toward practical, without losing the feminine vibe. Hand-bags took on a greater role as a function-al necessity to a full day as it was the place to keep everything you needed during the day close at hand and in style.
Retro Dress Pattern
Today, "this vintage dress" is certainly in the utility style of fashion. One that is not only chic, but first and foremost, practical. And practical was important from 1957 on, as countries were seeking new horizons and people discovered new frontiers. "This dress shows feminine and function as one."
Retro Dress Strappy Heel
Elevate the style of this dress instantly with a strappy pair of heels and an easy cozy cardigan cat "like this one" Retro Dress Caban Jacket
Bring out the bright color of this dress with a matching "coat with piping" and then really amp up the look with colorful shoes.
Retro Dress Fur Coat
Indulge in other decades by pairing with an oversized faux fur coat "like this one and some edgy black booties.
Retro Dress Fur Vest
Or go the vest route and layer over a fun "fur waistcoat" and matching white boots to make the dress color really pop!