Origami Advent Calendar
Here is what you'll need: + Aluminum ruler + Carton + Happy knife + Double-sided adhesive tape + "do it" spray + Metallic thread + Metallic sewing machine needle + Chalk + Cutting mat + Eraser + Gloves + Template ("download here for free"
Step 1
Using the chalk pen, draw the stencil/template on the cardboard.
Step 2
Then draw the individual connecting lines with the ruler (see template).
Step 3
Carefully cut out with aluminum ruler and precision craft knife (use cutting pad!).
Step 4
Turn the cardboard over (on the undrawn side), draw the number with the chalk pen and stitch with metallic yarn several times (then remove the marked with the eraser).
Step 5
Carefully scrape the lines with the craft knife (do not apply too much pressure ...).
Step 6
Fold the diamond: glue the seam allowances sideways with the double-sided adhesive tape and fold them together.
Step 7
Fill the individual diamonds with sweets etc. and then close them at the top (glue them with adhesive tape).
Step 8
Finally, spray the crystals with "do it" spray paints in metallic and glitter tones.
With 24 such small diamonds, the calendar is ready! Decorate you mantel or holiday table with these cool origami pieces.
Finished 2
Fill with all your favorite things!