Crochet Your Own Sleep Mask
You can only sleep when it's really dark? Then the sleep mask is the perfect accessory for you! Especially when traveling, by plane, train or bus, you can simply hide the environment with the sleep mask and take a short break.
But first, here is what you'll need: + Thick wool about 50 g in gray (Color 012 - Lana Grossa "Alta Moda Alpaca" made of 90% alpaca, 5% new wool, 5% polyamide) + Crochet hook No. 5 + Thin linen fabric (pink) 25 cm x 30 cm or silk! + Interlining 25 cm 15 cm + Imitation leather in black 10 cm x 10 cm + Elastic in black 8 mm x 40 cm + Sewing thread and needle (hand) + Tissue paper + Pins + Scissors + Pattern template
Step 1
For the sleep mask cast on 8 small meshes and crochet 8 sts in the 1st row (RS), replacing the 1st sts (sts) of this and each of the following rows with 2 sts. Crochet 2 dc in the 1st and last dc in the 2nd round, otherwise 1 dc in each dc of the pre-R. work (= 10 fM). Work the 3rd to 8th round like the 2nd round (= 22 dc after the 8th round). The 9th to 11th R. work without increases. Inc 1 st at the top of the 12th row and 1 st at the bottom (= 22 dc).
Step 1
Leave 1 sc in the 13th round at the upper edge without the Zunhame and at the lower edge, or pass 1 sc in the back row (= 21 dc). Crochet the 14th, 16th, 18th and 20th round like the 13th round, work the 15th, 17th and 19th round without removing (= 17 dc after the 20th round). Leave 1 dc at the top and bottom on the 21st round (= 15 dc). Crochet the 22nd and 23rd round like the 13th row (= 13 dc). The 24th R. (middle row) works without declines. Crochet 25th to 47th row opposite to row 23rd to 1st row. Then crochet the sleeping goggles with 1 round dc.
Don't know how to crochet? No problem! Print out the template and use as a pattern piece to cut in your favorite sweater or cuddly fabric.
Step 3
Cut two of the "template" in the pink linen (with seam allowances) and one in your interlining without. Pin and fix the interlining to one of the pink linen pieces then sew the two pink linen pieces, right sides together, leaving a small opening at the bottom to turn to the right side. Once turned right side out, hand sew the small opening closed and give a good press to smooth the edges.
Step 4
Extract the eyelash shape from the "template" : adding no allowances and cut out in imitation leather, or any black fabric you have. Hand sew onto the outer crocheted piece.
Step 5
Sew the elastic between the two layers and then to combine the crocheted sleep mask with the pink linen lining: simply sew them together by hand!
Finished 1
Finished 2