DIY Phone Carrying Case
Images: © Jan Schmiedel
MATERIALS: + Metallic Leather + Cotton + "Vliesofix Vlieseline" + Thread + Awl + Scissors + Pins + Twine + Clips + End caps + Tape measure + Pliers + Pen + Link chain + 2 split rings + Template
Phone Case STEPS 1 2
Step 1: Cut the cut piece 2 times without seam allowance from Vliesofix and iron on the left side of the leather. Then cut out both parts. Step 2: Remove backing paper from the Vliesofix and iron both parts on the wrong side of the cotton fabric. Then cut out the pieces along the edges.
Phone Case STEPS 3 4
Step 3: Top stitch both pocket pieces at the top edge. Step 4: For the two tabs, iron together 2 pieces of leather (approx. 0.5 x 4 cm) using Vliesofix and stitch on both sides with a short edge.
Phone Case STEPS 5 6
Step 5: Clip both parts wrong sides together, and fold the two tabs together and clip in approx. 1 cm from the top opening. Step 6: Stitch side and bottom edges, also catching the tabs. The upper edge with the stitching from step 3 remains open.
Phone Case STEPS 7 8
Step 7: Hand-stitch the chain along the outer edge of the bag. It is best to first pierce holes with the sewing machine. Step 8: Iron two pieces of leather (about 3 x 50 cm) together using Vliesofix. Then stitch at a distance of about 0.5 cm 3 times.
Phone Case STEPS 9 10
Step 9: Then cut out 3 strips of leather, each 6 mm wide and stitch 3 lines in the centers. Trim sides then firmly tie together at one end using twine. Step 10: Now braid the 3 leather bands evenly and at the end knot them together again with yarn.
Phone Case STEP 11
Step 11: Glue the caps to the two ends of the braided tape and attach the link chain (length approx. 25 cm each) with split rings to the tabs and end caps on both sides.