DIY Felt Phone Protector
Photo: © Mirjam Fruscella
MATERIALS: + Felt 25 cm x 25 cm + Elastic band 25 mm x 15 cm + Piping 40 cm long + Sewing thread + Pins + Scissors + Hand sewing needle + Pattern
Place the pattern pieces right side up on the felt and draw around the edges. Draw two of piece #1 and one of piece #2 - cut out along these lines. Also transfer the notches to the pattern pieces.
Felt Phone Case Steps 1 2
Step 1: Back pocket: Place a pocket piece on the flap so that the top edge of the pocket meets the marked line on the pattern and the flap is between the notches. Stitch together at 5 mm. Step 2: Baste the piping around the edge of the pocket so that the piping extends past the edge.
Felt Phone Case Steps 3 4
Step 3: Front pocket piece: Place the elastic band between the notches on the pocket piece, and fold the ends of the band inwards and pin them down. Step 4: Put the pocket pieces wrong sides together and stitch along the side and bottom edges around the curves. Remove all basting threads.
Felt Phone Case MAIN
FINISHED! Place your phone inside and you are all ready and protected. This also works for protecting passports, sunglasses and even jewelry for travel.
Happy DIYing!