DIY Fabric Hairband
Photo: © Mirijam Fruscella
MATERIALS: + Pre-folded bias tape 2 cm 120 cm OR Cotton fabric scrap 35 cm 40 cm + Elastic band 15 mm 15 cm + Sewing thread + Fabric scissors + Safety pin + Pattern
To prepare: Print, tile and cut out the pattern piece from your cotton fabric, note that 1 cm wide seam allowances are included in the paper pattern. If using bias tape, cut two the length of piece 1 for the headband. Then also cut two the length of piece 2 for the tunnels. If using cotton fabric, lay out the piece on your fabric folded right sides together to get two of each piece.
Headband DIY Steps 1 2
Step 1: Along the headband pieces, iron the short ends in 1 cm wide to the wrong side. Step 2: Place tunnel parts (piece 2) right sides together and stitch the long edges together at 1 cm. Cut seam allowances back to 5 mm width. Turn to right side and iron.
Headband DIY Steps 3 4
Step 3: Use the safety pin to pull the elastic into the tunnel passage. Stitch the elastic at one end in line with the tunnel short edges then cut to 11 cm length. Stitch the second elastic end to the seam allowance on the other side. Step 4: Stitch in the center of the tunnel with elastic as shown with the sewing machine, while stretching the elastic under the sewing machine while stitching.
Headband DIY Steps 5 6
Step 5: Place the long headband pieces on wrong sides together and stitch together along the long edges. Step 6: Push the ends of the elasticated tunnel section into the open ends of the headband, pin and sew them by hand.
Happy DIYing!