DIY Fabric Belt
Photo: © Mirjam Fruscella
MATERIALS: + Cotton 95 cm 45 cm + Interfacing: Vlieseline H 250 95 cm 45 cm + Pearls and sequins + Sewing thread + Pins + Scissors + Hand sewing needle + Pattern
Preparation: Each size has a line style on the printed pattern. Cut out the pieces directly from the paper according to your size - 1 cm seam allowance is already included. Place the pattern pieces on the fabric with the right side up. Stoffbruch means the middle, so the pieces are to be placed on the fabric fold. Transfer the notches (for the ribbon) to the fabric.
Belt DIY Steps 1 2
Step 1: Fold the tie piece long ends to the middle (right side of the fabric on the outside) and press. Then press one short end in 1 cm and press the entire pressed band again in half widthwise (this will be four layers of fabric). Press and stitch around the tie band close to the pressed edges. Step 2: Adorn the outer belt piece as desired with beads and sequins. Pin the open ends of the tie bands inside each of the marks on a belt part (the straps point to the middle of the belt).
Belt DIY Steps 2 3
Step 3: Put the belt piece on each other, right sides together and stitch around the piece at 1 cm leaving about 10 cm seam for turning open. Step 4: Cut back the seam allowances at the curves to approx. 5 mm. Turn the belt to the right side. Press in the edges of the opening to the inside and stitch together either by hand or catching it in with the topstitching around the entire piece. This belt perfectly cinches in a billowing blouse like these:
Blouses to belt top left: "Billowing Sleeve Blouse" :; top right: "V-Neck Blouse" :; bottom left: "Sporty Blouse" :; bottom right: "Layered Blouse" :
Happy DIYing!