November 2021: The New Issue of Burda Style!

Daydreaming about relaxed evenings with a nice glass of wine and good food at your favorite neighborhood trattoria? Sew yourself an ultra-feminine dress or blouse from the luxurious Lovely Evening Collection and invite your friends and family for an enjoyable night of Italian cuisine. Or is an autumn in the Scottish Highlands or on old English campuses seeped in history more your cup of tea? What would you say to a bookish blazer or a comfortable checked coat inspired by the brilliant Vivienne Westwood from our On Campus Collection? You can also find your fancy in the Precious Metals Collection to shine bright every day, or go for a more subdued look in the soft and gentle Cozy Winter collection which celebrates all shades of pastel. We have everything you need for your next creative destination!


The It Girl on Campus

La It Girl du campus


The incredible Ivy League campuses of Cambridge and Oxford inspire thoughts of worldwide success—and great fashion! Emulate the lifestyle and look with these casual but elegant pieces that go well beyond the classroom. Stunning jackets, blazers, and pinafore dresses make up this collection of scholarly models. To shake things up and add a bit of a modern vibe, we’ve paired these pieces with ranger boots, tennis shoes, and masculine shirts this season.


A Cozy Winter

Un hiver doux


Pastel shades in fashion seem to create an even division of public opinion. Some fashionistas love how they subtly brighten up any complexion, while others flee them completely with the critique they are much too “sweet.” Yet it really all depends on the cut and the style. This yellow jacket will most certainly catch the eye of anyone looking to give off a sporty air. And that dress? Can you say deliciously cool? Take advantage of the power of colors: they will make you shine!


Precious Metal

Métal gagnant


Metal adds just that touch of glitter and glow for the darker winter days. Lurex, sequins, satin, faux leather, and deep, shimmering shades are the perfect elements for a brilliant look. Let yourself sparkle this season with garments that give off color and light. Metal takes on a look of subtle softness and neutral charm when it is blended with natural, iridescent tints. So, finish off 2021 with a modern and chic style that places metallic nuances, glitter, gold, silver, brass, and copper in the fashion spotlight! You are sure to be an absolute trailblazer.


A Lovely Evening

Belle d’un soir


You will find stunning, feminine models in sizes 44 to 52 featuring posh details, tailored cuts, and exquisite fabric in this month's Plus Collection. And get a glimpse into the splendor of a hotel nestled amongst the fabulous vineyards of Franciacorta for this photo shoot. It is simply magical!


Getting to the Heart of It

Qu’y a-t-il à l’intérieur ?


Surprise your friends and family daily with adorable little gifts wrapped up in these unique and creative pieces from the Reindeer Advent Calendar project from Burda. This month's designer model is also the perfect duo. Be the queen of fashion with this matching jacket and pencil skirt! This incredibly stylish outfit comes with pretty eyelet details.

You can find these models in the November 11/2021 issue of Burda Style, in shops mid-October or on our website

And you can find these models from the new issue in PDF format now!