The Burda Style Look: Trendy Simplicity for Autumn

Autumn is here, and with the changing temperatures, we want to take care of ourselves, enjoy moments of relaxation, and wear clothes that bring us a bit of warmth and comfort. In other words, we want to embrace the cozy style!

However, comfort doesn't mean that the outfits you wear are not trendy; quite the contrary! With this total look, comfort, simplicity, and trendiness come together in color combinations, cuts, and styles that reflect the collections showcased in recent fashion shows. If you feel that this look is too simple, don't hesitate to play with graphic prints, '60s-style patterns, animal prints, or anything else. The essential thing is that you feel good and beautiful in your creations!

The Faux Leather Coat

Imitation leather Coat no. 122 | Burda Style 01/21Imitation leather Coat no. 122 | Burda Style 01/21


Imitation leather Coat no. 122 | Burda Style 01/21

The first piece of this autumn look is the faux leather coat with a rocker style that adds an edgy and contrasting touch to the simplicity of our ensemble presented today. Besides its edgy appearance, we love this piece because it combines two trends that you'll find in all the new collections this year.

The first trendy element of this design is its fiery red color, synonymous with power and allure that will make all eyes turn to you. The second element is the crocodile animal print! For the past few months, animal prints in either small accents or as a complete look have made a major comeback on the runways, signifying elegance. Regarding the sewing details of this coat, you'll find a classic frock coat cut, a shawl collar, and very practical large patch pockets.

In summary, all these details make this coat the standout piece of a look that goes well with a rocker style or can elevate a simple and comfy style like the one we're suggesting!

The Scarf Collar Top

Stretch fabric Top 116|Burda Style 01/21Stretch fabric Top 116|Burda Style 01/21


Stretch Fabric Top no. 116|Burda Style 01/21

This top is perfect for the transition between summer and autumn, a time when it's no longer as hot but not quite cold enough for heavy sweaters and woolen clothing. Sewn with stretchy jersey, this top is very comfortable and will adapt to your shape without feeling too tight.

At first glance, this design may seem simple, but don't be fooled...there's a detail that makes all the difference! At the neckline, you'll find a lavallière collar, an element that's part of the must-have trends for this autumn. Worn under the previously presented coat, this detail will catch the eye and give a sophisticated touch to the look. This piece is proof that simplicity and comfort can be elegant; all it takes is a simple detail to change and enhance the overall look.

The Trendy Wide Corduroy Pants

Knit fabric culottes no. 106 | Burda Style 10/21Knit fabric culottes no. 106 | Burda Style 10/21


Knit fabric Culottes no. 106 | Burda Style 10/21

Much like the two models we've just presented, these pants are also part of the trends we can't wait to embrace for the upcoming season. These pants are trendy because they are made from corduroy, adding a retro touch to the ensemble.

In addition to being fashionable, these pants will be the perfect companion for autumn as they'll keep you warm, comfortable, and their orange color is very seasonal. Regarding the sewing details, the design is tailored at the waist and then flares out at the legs. You'll also find large patch pockets in the back.

To complete this look, don't hesitate to opt for ankle boots, the ideal shoes for autumn!

These models are available in PDF format in just one click on our website!