DIY: Sewing Mittens With a Slit

Imagine mittens that keep you warm while giving you complete freedom to use your smartphone or perform your daily tasks. No more hassle of taking off your gloves every time your phone rings or you need to use your fingers! Thanks to our clever design, the top part of these mittens easily flips back, leaving your fingers completely free. You no longer have to juggle between the warmth of your mittens and the use of your hands.

Follow our step-by-step instructions in this DIY, and you'll have a unique pair of mittens in your hands that combine style, warmth, and functionality. Discover how to make lined mittens at the end of this article as well!


  • Faux fur

  • Jersey for lining, if any (Selfmade®)

  • Cuff fabric 7 cm (2 3/4 in) wide

  • Cotton ribbon (MT Stofferie)

  • Thread (Gütermann)

  • Carabiner

  • Straight pins

  • Clips

  • Chalk pen

  • Seam gauge

  • Measuring tape

  • Fabric scissors

  • Hand sewing

  • Needle (Prym)

You can find the pattern for these mittens with openings in your October 2023 issue of Burda Style or as a free download at the end of this article.


Cut all the pieces from the main fabric and the lining (optional) with a 1 cm seam allowance.

  • 21 - Outer mitten: 2x
  • 22 - Thumb bottom: 2x
  • 23 - Thumb top: 2x
  • 24 - Flap: 2x



Place the two thumb pieces 22 and 23 cut from the outer fabric, right sides together. Stitch along the straight edge and the thumbs up to notch 1. Secure the seam ends.


Fold the top thumb piece upwards. Neaten the top edge. Fold the seam allowance to the inside, stitch by hand.


Neaten the flap along the straight edge. Fold the seam allowance to the inside, stitch by hand. Baste the flap to the outer mitten piece, right sides together (seam 4).


Baste the thumb piece to the outer mitten piece over the flap, matching the placement lines (seams 2 and 3). Stitch the pieces together along the outer edge, stopping the seam at notch 1. Trim the seam allowances. Turn the piece inside out.


Fold an approximately 7 cm (2 3/4 in) loop (ribbon) in half and baste over the seam (seam 3).


Cut 2 cuffs approximately 20 cm (7 7/8 in) long, stitch each one to the curve, right sides together (seam allowance 1 cm / 3/8 in). Neaten the allowances and press apart. Stretch the cuffs and stitch to the bottom mitten edge, catching the loop. The cuff seam matches the loop. Neaten the seam allowances together.


Stitch or knot the cord ends to the carabiners and fasten to the loops.

How to line the mittens?

Experienced makers can also line the mittens:

  1. Make the outer mittens without cuffs. 
  2. Next, make the lining mittens from jersey, leaving the opening at the side edges open approximately 4 cm (1 5/8 in).
  3. Place the lining mitten in the outer mitten, right sides together. Sew the straight edges and side edges by hand.
  4. Stitch the loop and cuffs as explained above.

It's finished! 

You can also make these mittens with fleece or even knitted fabric. We can't wait to see the beautiful mittens you'll create. Feel free to explore our blog for more exciting tutorials and join our community of passionate sewers by sharing your Burda creations!

And if you want to find the instructions for this DIY in PDF format or print this DIY to do it later, feel free to download it for free by clicking the button below: