Start Sewing with Burda: How to Prepare Your Fabric

If you've chosen to start your sewing journey with Burda patterns, you're in the right place! 

Prepare for success by learning the essential fabric preparation steps. From the crucial "Wash and Go" to mastering the art of pressing and understanding interfacing facts, this article ensures your sewing journey begins with the right foundation.

First Step: Wash your Fabric

Before working with your fabric, we recommend washing it if the quality permits. And then dry it in a drier if you have one. This will prevent the finished garment from shrinking later and remove any undesirable additives.

This will also help you avoid unpleasant surprises after the first wash once your garment is sewn. It would be a shame if, after putting in so much effort, you could only wear it once before it shrinks or the fabric loosens!

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Second Step: Do Not Overlook The Importance of Ironing!

Well-pressed, perfectly sewn

After all, it is easier to cut out and sew smooth fabric.

That’s why you should iron the entire piece of fabric on the wrong side whenever possible. If you have to iron on the right side at some point, place an ironing cloth underneath it and use one corner of the fabric for a test.

The ironing temperature depends on the fabric. For blends, use the temperature for the most sensitive fiber.

Important: after ironing with steam, iron the fabric dry until all the moisture has evaporated.


Cold vs. Hot: What the Ironing Symbols on Fabric Mean

To make your life easier and avoid ironing accidents, follow our quick guide to fabric ironing symbols! Generally, you can find these symbols on the labels of your fabrics, on the selvedge of some of them, or in the description on the website where you purchased them for online shoppers.

Iron - 1 Dot

Press cool: e.g., only iron viscose and synthetic fibers (nylon, polyester, etc.) dry.

Iron - 2 Dots

Press on medium heat: e.g., silk, blends, and wool. Iron silk dry only.

Iron - 3 Dots

Press on high heat: e.g., linen and cotton fabrics. Iron these fabrics with steam.

Iron - crossed out

Caution! You should not use the iron on any fabric that bears this symbol.

Now that you know how to prepare your fabrics, feel free to explore additional techniques with our other articles. Happy sewing!