DIY: Sewing a Doughnut Pin Cushion

You've probably seen and drooled over delicious doughnuts, but have you ever imagined using them as a sewing accessory?

In this DIY tutorial, we present a playful and original way to transform these treats into an adorable pin cushion! Perfect for sewing enthusiasts or as a charming handmade gift, this cute and functional creation will immerse you in the delightfully creative world of sewing.


  • Felt for the doughnut: 20 x 40 cm (7 7/8 x 15 3/4 in) (approx. 1.5 mm thick)
  • Felt for the icing: 20 x 40 cm (7 7/8 x 15 3/4 in)
  • Wadding
  • Trimming and ric-rac
  • Round beads and rods
  • Sewing thread
  • Carbon paper

You can find the pattern for this doughnut pin cushion in your January 2024 issue of Burda Style or available for free to download at the end of this article.


Trace the pattern piece and cut out the doughnut 2x with a 5 mm (1/4 in) seam allowance.

  • Doughnut : 2x
  • Icing : 1x

Use pinking shears to cut the outer edges as you’d like.



Stitch the trimming or ric-rac onto the top doughnut piece and make a line of decorative stitching with the sewing machine.


Place the icing piece on the top doughnut piece, baste along the inside edge, and stitch the outer edge close to the edge.


Place the doughnut pieces right sides together and stitch along the inside edge. Clip the seam allowance in several places. 

Turn the doughnut right side out and stitch the outer edges close to the edge, leaving approx. 5 cm (2 in) open for the filling.


Fill the doughnut with wadding and stitch up the opening.

Sew on the beads.

It's finished! 

You now know how to create this adorable doughnut-shaped pin cushion that will add a delicious touch to your sewing studio!

And if you'd like to find the template and instructions for this DIY in PDF form for now or later, feel free to download it for free by clicking on the button below: