Start Sewing with Burda: How to Cut Pattern Pieces?

If you've chosen to start your sewing journey with Burda patterns, you're in the right place! 

Once your fabric is ready, you can begin cutting out the pattern pieces that will make up your garment. In this article, we provide practical tips and helpful advice to ensure this step goes smoothly for you!

How to Get the Hang of It? First, Prepare Your Pattern Pieces!

First and foremost?  If you're using a sewing pattern from a magazine, you'll need to delicately detach the pattern sheets without damaging them. For this, we recommend using a coin, a ruler, or another flat and sturdy object.

Now, move on to the instructions for the project you want to make. We suggest keeping the instructions next to you throughout the entire project, and not just during assembly. The instructions contain valuable information regarding cutting, fabrics, and necessary materials.

On the sewing pattern instructions from Burda, you will find a reduced overview of the pattern pieces.

It shows you which pattern pieces you will need for your project and the sheet on which you can find them. Unfold the pattern sheet for your project. 


Please note!

The seam numbers on the pattern pieces indicate how the pieces will be put together laterDon't forget to transfer them; they will be useful when assembling your pieces.

In the sewing pattern instructions from Burda, you'll also find the numbers of the pieces that you need to locate and transfer.

Each pattern piece is labelled with the model number, the pattern piece number, and information on how many times you should cut out the piece. 

Transfer the pieces you need for your model, following your size line. You will find the correspondence between lines and sizes in the instructions of your sewing pattern.

At Burda, some pieces don't have a pattern (for example, a - tie), meaning there is no corresponding pattern piece on the sheet. You will have to trace these pieces directly onto the fabric based on the measurements provided in the pattern instructions.

Pieces without a pattern are identifiable by their name: they are labeled with lowercase letters (for example, a - tie), unlike the pieces present on the pattern, which are labeled with numbers (for example: "1 Front Pant Leg").

Now, Grab your Scissors, Be Steady, and Go!

You will find the cutting layout on the pattern sheet.

It shows where to pin the pattern pieces to the fabric with the least waste. It is easiest to cut out the pattern pieces when the fabric is folded in half.

Pin or draw all the pieces onto the fabric before you begin cutting them out. When pinning the paper pattern pieces on the fabric, pay attention to the straight grain: the arrow drawn on the pattern pieces must be parallel to the selvedges (the thicker sides of the fabric).

As a general rule, cut with the fabric folded right sides together and the pattern pieces (printed side) facing you. However, depending on the cutting layout, some pieces are to be cut on the unfolded fabric. These pieces are distinguished on the cutting layout as they extend beyond the folded fabric. In this case, the pattern piece will be placed on the right side of the fabric.

Finally, some pieces are shown in dashed lines on the cutting layout: these are the pattern pieces that should be cut with the printed side of the piece against the fabric and not facing you.

And there you go, you now know how to cut out pattern pieces!