Sewing Techniques With Burda: How to Set Up Your Workstation

If you have chosen to start your sewing journey with Burda patterns, you are in the right place!

In this dedicated category for beginners, we will guide you step by step into the world of sewing with Burda. In this first article, we will explore the importance of a well-organized workspace and provide you with practical tips to create an environment conducive to your creativity. 

Tip #1

Try to set up a fixed place for your sewing projects, space permitting.

A small, quiet corner in which you can sew without being disturbed by other family members or pets and can leave your sewing machine sitting around for a few days is sufficient. The main thing is to avoid constantly having to set up your sewing machine only to put it, your fabric and supplies away again.

Tip #2

For best results, use an overhead light with a daylight bulb.

Alternatively, a normal, bright desk lamp would also be fine. Remember: the brighter the light, the better it is for your eyes. You should also have sufficient room to the sides of and behind your sewing machine, and it should be on a stable surface. Keep your sewing supplies close at hand.  

Tip #3

For cutting out your pattern pieces, you will need a bit more room.

For best results, use a dining table. The longer and wider, the better. Helpful hint in advance: folding the fabric in half saves room when cutting out pattern pieces and you will make two of each piece at the same time. This also means that the table must be at least half as wide as the fabric. If your table is too small or you do not have a large dining room or kitchen table, you can also spread out the fabric on the floor.

Important in both cases: As you are working with scissors and straight pins, protect the table or floor with a pad such as a wax tablecloth. With this type of tablecloth, you can’t scratch or damage anything.  

And to have all the fundamentals of sewing and patterns designed for first projects in one single book:

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