Retro style: Sweetheart neckline dress

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Retro style: Sweetheart neckline dress
By Meghan April 1, 2020 No comments

This evening dress really sets the stage in first class splendor. The petal weave lamé is a beautiful look for this timeless classic style. The sweetheart neckline in front and a petite decolleté in back makes a perfect comback look from 1961. This remastered pattern from the past is a must-sew for any sumer occasion.


Cover and original style, burda moden 9/1961

Burda Style


The sash belt with textured bands shapes the waist beautifully. The original description from 1961 includes a nod to the gold lamé and the heart shape neck-line, though the best part of the word-ing is its encapsulation of the words "timeless classic." The style was already captivating from shortly after its emergence on the fashion scene with its potential for longevity, something that requires a look to be great from the start. And, we will can confirm that it is exactly that. Often a look is pegged as a "classic" in order to justify a pricey addition to the wardrobe, as a way to en-courage a higher price in exchange for an investment in your own personal style.




Burda Style

#121 03/2020 (pattern will come soon!)

This style is an affordable classic that has not lost a bit of its elegance, class and appropriateness for multiple occasions in the last 60 years. Even if your personal style would find the gold version too bold for today's fashion – the cut is still fantastic in a white and has the modern bride statement. A black or dark blue wool or gabardine works for an office style. If the sash is too much, simply set it aside and accent the waist with a narrow leather belt.




Burda Style

jacket: #108 12/2015 


Attending a wedding or a formal afternoon occasion this look is perfect and on-trend with the monochromatic look from head to toe. Select a tone that is in your dress fabric and sew up a matching jacket like this one ( - the motorcycle style nicely offsets the formal dress for a balanced look.




Burda Style

jacket: #101 02/2020

Sometimes you just want a little color! If your dress is sewn in a neutral colored fabric why not add in some life to your look with a matching pair of pumps to your over jacket. This one ( is nicely suited to this dress silhouette because of the peplum. Since the jacket is belted, you can omit the belt on the dress or even try the jacket belt on the dress underneath!




Burda Style


blazer: #116 05/2019

It can also be nice to utilize a fancy occasion dress into your everyday style. Try pairing this dress with a sleek blazer like this one and a sharp pair of pumps to put you in a feel good mood for the day of getting things done.


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