Focus: Burda Style Issue 10/2021: Homemade Haute Couture

Couture brings together the fabrics and cuts that fashion dreams are made of. Sophisticated models can cost a small fortune, even though the opportunities to wear them may be few and far between. But fortunately, you know how to sew! These stunning models in silk, brocade, and lurex are perfect for special occasions like a sophisticated wedding or an upscale dining experience and they will most certainly catch more than an eye or two. However, these luxurious pieces can also be worn for everyday events when you pair them with a casual pair of jeans, a t shirt, flats, boots, or a knitted sweater!


Skirt 117 and Blazer 120

Jupe 117 et blazer 120;


Do pencil skirts for you only have their place in the office? Well, not this model to the left! The gorgeous, gathered tulle perfectly hugs your hips as the upper band flatters your waistline. Dupion silk is an absolute timeless classic and it comes together with a stunning fuchsia pink shade to create this elegant blazer to the right. Featuring a delicate standing collar and sharp cut-outs, this piece is the epitome of chic. Sew up the skirt and pair it with your top to create an incredibly posh suit and guarantee a majestic look.


Skirt 104B and Cocktail Dress 118

Jupe 104B et robe de cocktail 118


Are pleated skirts are a bit too tame for you? This model to the left breaks every cliché with its soft and shiny silk in striking fuchsia for a perfectly flattering fit. Plus, it comes with large side pockets so you can carry your clutch with ease! Are you looking for a dress that is sure to turn quite a few heads and highlight all your best assets? The masterpiece to the right features an incredible silhouette, delicate boning, a flared skirt, and exquisite details along the straps and hem. This model is everything your heart could ever possibly desire.


Blouse 122 and Jacket 119

Blouse 122 et veste 119


The top to the left is made of swanky jacquard, comes underlaid with luxurious silk, and features a flattering peplum for a look that just cannot be beat. It discretely shows off just a bit of skin around the arms, shoulders, and neckline. Tiny pleats around the neck and the soft floral pattern add a touch of extravagance to this model. Does this cut and asymmetrical zipper make you think of vintage biker jackets? Paired with a couture jacquard and extra-large collar, the piece to the right is an absolute must for a particularly glamorous evening.


Midi Dress 121 and Blouse 105B

Robe midi 121 et blouse 105B


Wear this graceful dress in tulle and underlaid in silk to the opera, a special date, or a fancy wedding. Featuring fluttering bat wings, the model to the left is just waiting to make its appearance at your next black-tie event. You can add a tiny belt around the waist to add dimension and structure to your look. The blouse to the right is a vision of pure elegance thanks to its pleated bands at the neckline, stunning placket, and ruffled cuffs. Plus, it features incredible floral appliqués at the sleeves.


All these models and many more can be found in the October 2021 issue of Burda Style, which can be found in shops or as PDF patterns on our website