A Favorite: An Evening Gown from Burda Style June 2023

The editorial team's favorite model

The dress 111, a sparkling sensation for your summer parties!


Discover the dress 111 from the latest Burda Style of June 2023. The long dress is both festive and airy. This masterpiece will make you happy this summer!

The dress 111 from the latest Burda Style June 2023 is a must-have. It is both festive and airy, making it a masterpiece for your summer wardrobe! It comes in a stunning fabric, and the cut is simply divine. Its flowy and seductive style will make it a go-to for all your grand occasions, no matter the season. This piece has four stars for difficulty, so it requires some good sewing skills and knowledge. It features a boat neckline, a defined waist, and an asymmetrical drape, drawing the curves of the body in a beautiful and gentle way! 

The dress 111, a diamond for your summer parties !The dress 111, a diamond for your summer parties !


The dress 111 in the sparkling fabric from Burda Style 06/23 shines with its iridescent glow. Its simple cut highlighted by a pleated asymmetry flows fluidly and naturally, dancing with elegance during your summer soirées. Its drape and opacity are ensured by a lining. In this dress, your graceful, mesmerizing movements will make you look and feel like a goddess!

You can find the pattern for dress 111 in your Burda Style magazine of June 2023 or in PDF format on our website: