DIY - Phone Purse

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Sometimes all you need is your phone, but you need somewhere stylish to put it! This mini purse just fits your phone and other little essentials. Tip: before cutting out, compare your smartphone to the free template and adjust it if necessary.



DIY Phone Purse Materials


    • - Jacquard
    • - Lining
    • - Interfacing G 710
    • - Leather
    • - Thread
    • - Snap lock
    • - D-rings 20 mm
    • - Chain
    • - Trick marker
    • - Leather glue
    • - Scissors
    • - Clips
    • - Straight pins
    • - Sewing needle
    • - Seam gauge
    • - Tape measure
    • - Pliers
    • - Template


Step 1

DIY Phone Purse Step 1


Templates: Cut out with a 1 cm (3/8) seam allowance on all sides: 1X A on fold from jacquard, 1x B on fold from lining fabric, 1x C from leather without seam allowance.


Step 2

DIY Phone Purse Step 2


Fold lining fabric B rights sides together and sew up both side seams (the opening for turning inside out is on one side). Press the seam allowances apart.


Step 3

DIY Phone Purse Step 3


Glue both sides of leather strips C to the centre and topstitch close to the edges. Trim 2 strips to approx. 3.6 cm (1 1/2 in), thread D-rings through, topstitch close to the edge.


Step 4

DIY Phone Purse Step 4


Stitch the side seams of A right sides together, include the loops with the D-rings at the notch (leave opening for snap lock at centre).


Step 5

DIY Phone Purse Step 5


Push lining case B into case A right sides together and stitch 1 cm (3/8 in) from the upper edge. Press the seam allowance towards the lining.


Step 6

DIY Phone Purse Step 6


Turn the right side out through the lining opening and then sew the opening shut by hand.


Step 7

DIY Phone Purse Step 7


Press the lining to the inside at the notch (4.5 cm (1 7/8 in)) and then stitch 2 cm (3/4 in) from the edge all around to create the casing for the snap lock.


Step 8

DIY Phone Purse Step 8


Thread in the snap lock, adjust the chain to the required length and attach to the D-rings.


Final step

DIY Phone Purse Final Step


The chain makes this fashionable little phone holder almost like a piece of jewelry!


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