January 2021: The New Issue of Burda Style

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Janvier 2021 : le nouveau numéro de burda style
By Natalie Worden November 30, 2020 No comments

Dear readers, do not miss out on the latest issue of Burda Style, in stores since December 18th, 2020. The January 2021 issue of Burda Style offers a plethora of fun models to sew for the new year. Discover our selection of deliciously vintage styles, as well as an array of comfy fabric for a cozy wardrobe, a collection radiating gorgeous shades of brown, an assortment of Plus sizes in delightfully happy floral, and a neat little blanket for your furry friend! We wish you a very happy and peaceful new year filled with all your favorite sewing projects!

Retro Fashion for Grown-Ups and Kids

Mode rétro, pour grandes et petites


These lovely feminine looks with delicate details will be a great addition to your winter wardrobe this year!  We are swooning over these exquisitely detailed dresses and the simple but classic pieces for little girls!


New Year = New Look

Nouvel an, nouveau temps


Tranquility should be the mantra of the new year, don’t you think? In any case, these easy-to-make models will ease your mind and offer you a cozy, comfy start to your 2021 sewing projects. Plus, the collection is adorable.


Brown, the Latest Trend

Brun, nouvelle couleur tendance


Caramel, coffee, chocolate, camel, and chestnut are just a few shades that make up this collection's beautiful bouquet of brown. Warm and richly elegant tints of our new favorite color pair perfectly with the variety of dresses, trousers, and tops you can choose to sew from.


Burda Plus: Creeping towards Springtime

Mode Plus : Messagers du printemps


Got the winter blues? There’s nothing better to cheer you up than these pretty springtime pieces! Blooming with floral themes, this collection is a nod to warmer days and sunnier skies.


Must-Have: Cool, Crocodile-Patterned Coat

Must-have : un manteau cool au design croco


Our favorite coat of the month is inspired by current looks on the catwalk from the greatest fashion houses. Unique and daring, this faux crocodile skin coat is enough to keep us ogling for hours! Paired with the design of a classic frock, this model is slightly fitted thanks to its added panels and boasts a long shawl collar and deep front pockets.


Get Some Shut-Eye or Cuddle Up!

Fermez les yeux, ou venez vous blottir !


Finish off your monthly issue by sewing for yourself or loved one this beautiful silk eye mask. And delight your furry friend with their own special cover-up. Protect your furniture from claw marks while you decorate your home with style!

This new issue is also filled with fabric suggestions, sewing tips, and shopping advice... And, of course, a plethora of patterns! 38 models can be found in the January 01/2021 issue of Burda Style, available as part of your subscription here!