Small Purse Big Impact!
Images: © Sebastian Sunday & © Jan Schmiedel
MATERIALS: + Main purse fabric + Leather + Cotton fabric for lining + Thread + "Decovil Vlieseline" + "Vliesofix Vlieseline" + Eyelets + Chalk + Pins + Sewing needle + Scissors + Pliers + Clips + "Patchwork ruler" + Link chain + Tape measure + Cutting mat + Hammer + Pattern template
Blue Purse DIY STEPS 1 2
Step 1: Cut out pieces with 1 cm seam allowance: bottom 1x in leather, 1x in cotton lining fabric. Then also cut rectangles: 58x6 cm in leather, 58x27 cm in outer fabric, and 58x17 cm in cotton fabric. Step 2: Iron the 58x6 cm cut leather section with the Vliesofix onto the bottom edge of the outer fabric section (58 x 27 cm).
Blue Purse DIY STEPS 3 4
Step 3: Then topstitch the upper edge with the sewing machine. Step 4: Stitch cotton fabric section (58 x 17 cm) right sides together at the upper edge of the outer fabric at 1 cm. Iron seam allowances on lining material and stitch.
Blue Purse DIY STEPS 5 6
Step 5: Cut the bottom part without seam allowance from Decovil and iron on the bottom part made of leather. Then stitch all around. Step 6: Then close the side seams right sides together at 1 cm (Attention: see next step).
Blue Purse DIY STEPS 7 8
Step 7: To pull the bag through, leave an opening of approx. 10 cm in the lining. Step 8: Both parts of the base (made of leather and cotton fabric) should be evenly attached / clipped right sides together around the lower "circles".
Blue Purse DIY STEPS 9 10
Step 9: Then stitch the two bottom parts at 1 cm around the circle part (then cut back the seam allowances to 0.5 cm). Step 10: Turn the bag through the opening on the cotton lining fabric (Step 7) to the right side. Then sew the opening close by hand or machine.
Blue Purse DIY STEPS 11 12
Step 11: Measure 5 cm from the upper edge, iron and secure. Determine the position of the eyelets (mark them) and hammer them in evenly. Step 12: Finally, thread the chain through the eyelets and use the pliers to close the link chain.
FINISHED! Fill this bag up with all your necessities and take it with you on your next outing.