DIY Rainbow Neck Pillow
DIY Neck Pillow Materials
+ Terry velours fabrics in various colors + Light-coloured cotton fabric + Thread + Straight pins + Needle + Scissors + Thimble + Stuffing material + Pattern template Attention! Before cutting the patterns must be enlarged to 200 %.
DIY Neck Pillow Steps 1 2
Step 1: Cut out the following fabric pieces, adding 1 cm (3/8") wide SA: rainbow stripes, rainbow with clouds, rainbow without clouds, cut 1 each, on fold; clouds, cut 2. Step 2: Stitch the rainbow stripes together, in the correct order. Press all seam allowances up.
DIY Neck Pillow Steps 3 4
Step 3: Pin the striped rainbow unit to the rainbow piece with no clouds (cotton fabric). Stitch together, 0.5 cm (3/16") from all edges. Step 4: Pin the rainbow pattern to the rainbow and baste along the “cloud lines” with dark thread. The cloud lines can also be marked with a chalk pencil or vanishing marker.
DIY Neck Pillow Steps 5 6
Step 5: On upper edge of each cloud, baste along the seam line, between seam marks. Carefully clip seam allowances and press allowances to wrong side, between seam marks. Step 6: Pin clouds to ends of rainbow, as marked, and sew pressed-under edges in place by hand.
DIY Neck Pillow Steps 7 8
Step 7: Trim ends of rainbow below clouds, leaving 1 cm (3/8") wide seam allowances. Remove basting threads, if needed. Step 8: Pin rainbow piece with clouds to rainbow, right sides facing. Stitch together, stitching 1 cm (3/8") from all edges and leaving an opening in the seam, for turning.
DIY Neck Pillow Step 9
Step 9: Turn neck pillow right side out. Stuff with stuffing material. Sew seam opening closed by hand. Finished! Now your ready for your next vacation.