Retro Restyle: Ruffled Neckline Dress
A time to stroll dreamily along the promenade, to drink a cup of coffee on the piazza, perhaps a romantic evening walk along the beach...hardly another phrase has so many beautiful and even clichéd visions as those of "dolce vita." The famous Italian life expression, to enjoy life, was quickly embraced start-ing in the 1950s.
Retro Burda Dress Pattern
To embody a fashion statement in the sweet life was just as important and the looks could not have been more feminine: sweet babydoll styles in pastels and vichy, fiery blouses with oversized necklines that followed the feminine curves, super feminine dresses with elaborate floral prints and voluminous skirt panels that visually slimmed and accented the waistline while emphasizing a decidedly feminine cascade over the hips – exactly as shown in our retro style from the year 1954 (pictured above). The wide ruffle at the neckline is a beautiful visual balance to the wide skirt for the overall hourglass silhouette - just see our restyle below!
Retro Dress Pattern Store
Swing right into summer – totally possible with "this shaped dress". Extravagant ruffles at the neckline are flattering as well as shape a sort of small sleeve. A fabric belt and a wide panel skirt beautifully shape the figure. See below how to style for summer...
Retro Dress Fun in the Sun
Grab your sun hat, sunglasses and favorite flats to venture out into the sunny summer weather with this dress.
Retro Dress Brunch Babe
Opt for a bright bag in a color from your fabric print and even wear a little jacket "like this one" : to keep your arm shielded from the sun - or for a cooler day.
Retro Dress Vintage Vixen
Last but not least amp up the vintage style by wearing your favorite matching pumps and on trend cat eye glasses!
Spoonflower Tropical Prints top left: "Birds of Paradise White" :; top right: "Bamboo" :; bottom left: "ANTHOLOGY_OF_PATTERN_ELLE_BIRD_OF_PARADISE_LIGHT" :; bottom right: "Orange Blossom" :
What really makes this dress special is the wonderful tropical print! Recreate the style with one of these fabulous prints linked above - print on cotton sateen for the best end result.