Quick Tip: Cover with Cork!
First let's gather the materials for the cork headphone cover: + Cork + Rhinestone + Iron + Punch + 1 Button rivet + Scissors + Screwdriver + Template
Download the template and print it out. Place the template on the cork and cut out along solid circle line. Also transfer the two markings for the rivet with chalk.
Cork Steps 1 2
Step 1: Iron the rhinestone decoration, according manufacturer's information about ironing temperature. Step 2: Fold the cork circle in half and use the punch to make a hole through both halves as shown.
Cork Steps 2 3
Step 3: Pierce button rivet from behind and twist together. Step 4: Secure the rivets with a screwdriver. Finished!
Business Cards For the business card covers: + Material: 15 cm x 15 cm + Iron + Thread + Pins + Scissors + Hand sewing needle + Template
Step 1: Download the template and print it out. Place the cut paper piece with the printed side up on the fabric and draw the outer shape. Cut out the card sleeve part 2x. Step 2: Glue with rhinestones and put the two card sleeves wrong sides together, and stitch sides and bottoms with a narrow allowance. Finished!