Pastel Power: 9 Soft Shade Patterns
A quick sew that is also so comfortable because "the dress" is sewn with a soft jersey. Shorten the pattern to hip length for an ideal shirt pattern.
The corded waistband lets the fit be adjusted to comfort. The hip yoke pockets and patch pockets in "these pants" are great places to tuck everything that gets found to save.
"This hoodie" is sure to be a fresh look not already in the wardrobe. The classic hood gets a surprising finish at the knotted hem.
Cozy warm while staying cool! "This denim jacket" has a plush lining and collar. You can decorate it to your own style like shown here with a fun emoji patch.
The kids like the casual vibe, the parents like the ability to wash it easily. "This parka" is sewn with a durable twill and features a hood, slanted XL pockets and a longer cut in back.