Make Your Own Scrunchie
Before BurdaStyle I worked at a dance and skating costume shop and what we did with all the leftover scraps from sewing up the costumes was to make matching scrunchies! Scrunchies may remind me of my childhood (because I also was a dancer) I love the idea of wearing them again. Materials and Step 1 Materials: - Fabric 0.5 m x 1.40 m for three scrunchies (for each different fabric make a rectangle 40 x 10 cm) - Elastic (3.5 mm wide x 1 m) - Hand sewing needle - Thread - Tape measure - Pencil - Pins - Safety pin - Scissors Step 1- Fold rectangle in half widthwise and pin right sides together. Steps 2 3 Step 2- Stitch the seam together using a seam allowance width of 0.5 cm. Step 3- Pin a safety pin to one of the short edges and pull through so the tube is right side out. Steps 4 5 Step 4- On one of the edges press in 1 cm. Step 5- Pin the safety pin to one end of the elastic and insert it into the tube. Steps 6 7 Step 6- Pull the elastic through the entire tube, and this will gather the tube slightly. Once the end of the elastic is out the other side tie the ends of the elastic in a knot. Step 7- Insert the unpressed edge into and under the pressed edge and hand sew closed. done And your done! You can really have fun with these and make them up in all different colors and fabrics. For thicker hair use longer elastic and for thinner hair use shorter elastic so the scrunchie is smaller. Check out our "Facebook Live" : video for a step-by-step video! Love making your own accessories? Then you must check out and grab our newest kit "The BurdaStyle Make Your Own Accessories Kit!" : This kit includes 4 draft-it-yourself accessory patterns and 9 that you can print and assemble at home. Make yourself a new bag in various sizes and even sew your own tablet cover and slippers! This kit includes a wide variety of different accessory patterns that you are going to love to sew and use time and time again. Kit Get yours here Happy Sewing!