DIY Bomber Jacket
Street-Style Bomberjacke_ 57 BurdaStyle Germany's creative assistant Catharina (pictured above) says "This bomber jacket is my must-have choice for autumn because it is cool and uncomplicated. It goes just as well with a chic dress as it does with casual jeans. Here is what you'll need... Materials Materials: - Sweatshirt, - Separating zipper, 60 cm (24") long, - Fusible interfacing - Tape measure - Scissors - Thread - Needle - “Gems” - Straight pins - Vanishing marker - Ruler Step 1 Step 1- Turn the sweatshirt wrong side out. Fold it exactly along the centre front and mark along this fold with the vanishing marker. Step 2 Step 2- Iron a strip of fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the sweatshirt, along the centre front. Cut along the marked centre front. Step 3 Step 3 - Turn the sweatshirt right side out. Pin the zipper halves to the front edges, right sides facing. Step 4 Step 4 - Machine stitch the zipper in place, using the zipper foot. Fold the zipper tapes to the inside and topstitch a presser foot width from each front edge. Step 5 Step 5 - Determine and mark the positions of the large and small “gems”. Sew each “gem” in place and knot the thread ends securely. Finished Jacket Here, the large “gems” are spaced 14 cm (5_") apart and the small “gems” are 3 cm (1_") apart. But you can place the “gems” on your jacket wherever you please – just give your creativity free rein! Make More! Of course, the same principle can be used on woolen pullovers. Just don’t forget to stitch closely spaced zigzag stitches to the left and right of the centre front, to secure the knit stitches when the pullover is cut.