Little Crafts to Sew for Easter!
Images: © Jan Schmiedel
MATERIALS: + Drawstring + Metallic leather + Cotton fabric + "Fiberfill" + Thread + Scissors + Pins + Template
Bunny STEPS 1 2
Step 1: Place the 2 pieces of fabric (leather and printed cotton) one on top of the other wrong sides together, and pin the template. Stitch all around with a short stitch leaving an opening at the bottom. Step 2: Cut back the seam allowance to approx. 3 mm away from the stitch and stuff the bunny with fiberfill. Finally, close the opening at the bottom with the sewing machine and sew on a drawstring at the top.
Bunny Basket MATERIALS
MATERIALS: + Felt + "Trickmarker" + Scissors + Hand sewing needle + Metallic thread + "Clips" + Template
Bunny Basket STEPS 1 2
Step 1: Draw the template in felt with marker without seam allowance (ears only on one side) and cut out. Fold wrong sides together and topstitch the side seams. Step 2: Lay both corners together and stitch at approx. 3 cm and cut back the seam allowances. Flip to right side and fill with goodies!
Easter Egg Basket DIY
"This" : fabric Easter basket not only looks pretty on the table, but is also suitable as a catch all for Easter gifts such as sweets and other small souvenirs.