Leather Mouse Cosmetic Bag DIY
Photos by: ©Jan Schmiedel
+ Leather + Cotton + "Vliesofix" + 1 Zipper + "Transparent paper" : + Pen + Thread + "Clips" + Hand sewing needle + Ruler + Tape measure + Scissors + Pattern
Mouse Bag DIY Steps 1 2
Step 1: Cut cut pieces with all around 0.7 cm seam allowance in the cotton fabric: cut 1 of A (lower part), 2 of B (side part) - here at the zipper edge without seam allowance, 1 of C (head). Step 2: Iron golden leather with Vliesofix and cut the ears twice (section D) with 0.7 cm seam allowance at the lower edge, at the side at the rounding without seam allowance.
Mouse Bag DIY Steps 3 4
Step 3: Remove paper from the Vliesofix and iron the two ears with golden leather. Cut off overhanging leather. Step 4: Stitch around both ears close to edge.
Mouse Bag DIY Steps 5 6
Step 5: Iron the cut pieces from Step 1 (1 of A, 2 of B, 1 of C) on the wrong side of the fabric with Vliesofix. Peel off paper and iron the parts on the back of the leather. Step 6: Cut out all cut pieces along the cotton edge.
Mouse Bag DIY Steps 7 8
Step 7: Strap: Cut out 0.8 x 38 cm from Vliesofix and iron on leather. Remove paper, iron and cut leather. Step 8: Then stitch the strap on both sides close to the edges.
Mouse Bag DIY Steps 9 10
Step 9: Iron black leather with Vliesofix, mark and cut out the eyes. Use tracing paper over top to iron eyes to the position on the face. Step 10: Stitch around both eyes.
Mouse Bag DIY Steps 11 12
Step 11: Open zipper and stitch one side from the top using a zipper foot. Step 12: Keep the zipper open and sew the second side of the zipper in the same manner.
Mouse Bag DIY Steps 13 14
Step 13: Carefully cut both ears down 0.3 cm. This is how to better fit the rounded edge of the head (C). Step 14: Clamp both ears to the headboard and stitch at 0.7 cm.
Mouse Bag DIY Steps 15 16
Step 15: Stitch the face ( C ) on the right side of the body (pattern pieces B with the zipper sewn in). Lay the face forward and stitch the seam from the right edge. Step 16: Fold the strap in the center of the loop and stitch it on the right (bottom right) to the bottom (A).
Mouse Bag DIY Step 17
Step 17: Finally, clasp the bottom (A) right sides together on the mouse (B and C) and stitch all around. Leave zipper open for turning. FINISHED! Now fill your little bag with all your small or large cosmetics depending on the size.