DIY Strawberry Tablecloth Weights
MATERIALS: + Green felt + Pink cotton + Green wool + Thread + Hand sewing needle + Scissors + Thimble + Pins + Alligator clips + And + Spoon +Yarn + Pen + Template
Strawberry Tablecloth Weights 1 2
Step 1: Cut out pattern pieces. Step 2: Fold the half-circle in half and stitch together from edge to fold. Round off the lower tip slightly and flip to the right side.
Strawberry Tablecloth Weights 3 4
Step 3: Using a hand sewing needle, sew a basting stitch around the top circular opening and slightly pull in to gather (leave the hand sewing needle attached to thread). Step 4: Then fill the strawberry with sand using a spoon.
Strawberry Tablecloth Weights 5 6
Step 5: Then tighten the basting stitches and knot the end of the thread well. Step 6: Secure yarn at the top as a pendant with hand sewing.
Strawberry Tablecloth Weights 7
Step 7: Wrap strawberry with felt and sew it tight along the opening by hand. Finally knot strawberry pendant to the Alligator clip. FINISHED! Sew as many as you wish and clip to the bottom of your outdoor tablecloth.
Happy DIYing and summer partying!