DIY: Paper Orchids
Finished Materials Materials: • Cardboard in green, pink and pink • Glitter glue • Pearl pen • Plastic beads in a set • Glue • Pencil • Gel paint pen • Scissors • Stencil Step 1 Step 1: First, cut out the stencils in the cardboard on the various colors. You can enlarge the template larger and smaller as well to make different size paper flowers. Step 2 Step 2: Continue to cut out the stencil and for the leaves, draw oval shapes freehand and cut them out. Step 3 Step 3: Coat the flower pieces 1 and 3 in the middle with glue and then also glue the plastic bead in the middle and leave to dry. Step 4 Step 4: After drying decorate the bead with gel paint pen in little dots as pictured. Step 5 Step 5: Decorate the flower petals with the glitter liner and the pearl pen with dots and let it dry again. Step 6 Step 6: Draw fine lines on the leaves with the pencil. STep 7 Step 7: Cut "branches" and connect the individual flowers / glue flowers. Use the paper flowers to decorate a table, for a background, and more! Even try cutting stencil pieces out of fabric and sew to a garment... Happy DIYing!