DIY Jersey Headband
Photos: © Mirjam Fruscella
MATERIALS: + Jersey fabric 60 cm 25 cm + Fusible seam tape 1 cm 15 cm + Sewing thread + Pins + Scissors + Hand sewing needle + Pattern
Print, tile and cut out the paper pattern - the straight outline shows the cut edge where the parts are cut out. The dashed lines show where the parts are stitched together. Place the pattern with the label side up on the fabric and draw the shape on the fabric (or pin to the fabric). Stoffbruch means here is the middle of a part, so place that line on the fabric fold, and cut. Transfer the notches and lines. Jersey Headband DIY STEP 1
Step 1: Apply seam tape to the wrong side of the piece and cut slit to notch (do this for both sides). Fold the piece longitudinally in half (right sides together) and put the long edges together. Stitch 1 cm from the edge along the bottom seam line to the marking seam number 1. Finger press, or using a low iron heat press the seam allowances apart.
Jersey Headband DIY STEP 2
Step 2: Fold the piece at the break lines, and put the slit edges on each other at the ends of the tape, folding the seam allowance in each case on one edge at a time. Stitch 2 mm next to the slit edges, seam number 2, and stitch across the end of the slit with a few small stitches. Turn the band to the right side through one of the openings.
Jersey Headband DIY STEP 3
Step 3: At one end of the band, pull the folded in edge over the open end, pin it down, and sew it by hand. Loop one other open end of the tube through the other opening (created by the previous stitch) and sew the ends together by hand creating the "knot / twisted" effect.
Jersey Headband DIY FINISHED FINISHED! Use up scraps from a recently sewn garment to have a matching hair accessory.