DIY Hanging Knitting Basket
All images: © Jan Schmiedel
+ Decorative cotton fabric + Lining fleece fabric (or cotton) + "Webbing" + "Decovil" + "Vliesofix" + Bias tape + Thread + Scissors + Pins + Ruler + Tape measure + Pattern / stencil
DIY Knitting Basket Steps 1 2
Step 1: Print stencil pieces of the side panel and make circular stencils: large circle radius 15 cm, small circle radius 12 cm. Step 2: Cut the two circles from Decovil (without seam allowance) and iron on the wrong side of the printed decorative fabric.
DIY Knitting Basket Steps 3 4
Step 3: Then cut out both circles completely, each with 1 cm seam allowance. Step 4: Iron both circles with cotton fabric using Vliesofix and also cut out.
DIY Knitting Basket Steps 5 6
Step 5: Then cut the two Decovil side panels (without seam allowance) and iron on the fabric back (seam allowance: lower edge 1 cm, side each 2 cm). Step 6: Then cut out the fabric with the seam allowance on both side panels (note: no seam allowance at the top).
DIY Knitting Basket Steps 7 8
Step 7: Use Vliesofix to iron the cotton lining on the wrong side of the fabric (on both sides). Step 8: Stitch the side seams at 2 cm right sides together. Then iron the seam allowances at 1 cm and secure.
DIY Knitting Basket Steps 9 10
Step 9: Topstitch on either side of the side seam securing the seam allowance down in place. Step 10: Now pin the bias binding to the upper edges of the two circles right sides together.
DIY Knitting Basket Steps 11 12
Step 11: Then stitch along the bias binding at 0.5 cm all around. Step 12: Iron the bias binding inwards around the edge and pin in place. Then stitch around the outside in the seam groove (stitch in the ditch).
DIY Knitting Basket Steps 13 14
Step 13: Both parts of the base pieces should be pinned evenly around the side panels, right sides together. Step 14: Then stitch the bottom base at about 0.9 cm. Afterwards, finish the seam allowances together all around with bias binding.
DIY Knitting Basket Step 15
Step 15: Finally, cut the straps/webbing to the desired length and sew them to the upper edge of the two baskets. FINISHED! Tidy up and fill with your crafting items. Need something to knit with your newly organized supplies? Check out these popular knitting patterns below:

Happy DIYing!