DIY Easter Bunny Bag for Goodies!
+ Fabric in grey, pink & black + Vliesofix Vlieseline + Pencil + Thread in pink & black + Wide bias tape + Chald + Scissors + Hand sewing machine needle + Pins + Bias tape + Fork + Wool yarn + Template
Bunny Easter Bag Steps  1 2
Step 1: Put the template on the grey fabric, with the bottom part on the fold. Step 2: Cut out all around without seam allowance.
Bunny Easter Bag Steps 3 4
Step 3: Iron Vliesofix on the fabric in pink and black. Transfer and cut out the templates for eyes, nose and ears in pencil. Step 4: Now iron the eyes, nose and ears on the right side of the gift bag in the designated positions.
Bunny Easter Bag Steps 5 6
Step 5: Sew ears, eyes and nose with a tight little zigzag stitch. Attention: open the gift bag and don't sew closed! Step 6: Attach the small bias binding to the ears on both sides of the bag and stitch.
Bunny Easter Bag Steps 7 8
Step 7: Fold the bag together and cover the side seams with a wide bias tape. Step 8: For the pompom put a short piece of wool in the middle of the fork, then wrap wool several times around the fork.
Bunny Easter Bag Steps 9 10
Step 9: Now tie the short piece of wool tightly around the wound wool. Step 10: Cut the wool along the two outer edges along the fork.
Bunny Easter Bag Step 11
Step 11: Cut pompom round evenly around and sew on by hand to the bunny. Finished!