DIY Coffee Cozies
+ Felts in various colors + Thread + Multi-adhesive + Embroidery thread + Sewing needle + Pins + Scissors + Chalk + 3D textile paint + Brush + Template
Step 1 2
Step 1: Stencils on felt and cut without seam allowance (1 times body, 2 ears, 1 nose / mouth part). Step 2: Transfer nose and mouth to the round felt using the chalk stick.
Step 3 4
Step 3: Embroider nose and mouth with backstitch and fill in the nose. Step 4: Then embroider the little dots around the nose with glitter yarn (wrap 4 times around the needle and back off).
Step 5 6
Step 5: Put the nose / mouth part on the body part and quilt all around. Step 6: Now embroider the eyes with black embroidery thread using the same technique as for the points around the nose (see 4th step).
Step 7 8
Step 7: Stamp cheeks with textile paint. Simply glue a round piece of felt onto a thread spool, paint with paint and stamp. Step 8: Sew the two ears around each other round edged, then attach to the body part at the top and also sew the body part round edged.
Step 9 Finished
Step 9: Finally, fold over the middle back and stick. Then stitch with a narrow edge using the sewing machine. Finished!