DIY Beauty Bag

Images: ©Jan Schmiedel
MATERIALS: + Laminated cotton in brown and pink + "Vliesofix + Zipper 40 cm/15.75 in + Thread + "Sewing clips" + Magnet clasp + Sewing pins + Fabric scissors + Measuring tape + Marking pen + Ruler + Pattern template
DIY Cosmetic Bag STEPS 1 2

Step 1: All pattern pieces cut 1x Vliesofix with 1 cm/3/8in seam allowance to cut away and press onto the wrong side of the pink fabric. Step 2: Cut out the pieces, remove the Vliesofix paper. Prepare both flap pieces (with rounded edges) in pink fabric, and the large bottom piece with the brown fabric.
DIY Cosmetic Bag STEPS 3 4

Step 3: Clip large flap with the bag handle (pink fabric) onto the bottom piece of brown fabric and stitch the upper edge of the rounded corners (bag handle) with 1 cm / 3/8 in allowance. Step 4: Fold the pocket (rounded) up and topstitch along the bag opening close to the edge.
DIY Cosmetic Bag STEPS 5 6

Step 5: Right and left seam allowances as well as the inner bag to be pressed toward the bottom and topstitch the sides along the pocket close to the edge. Step 6: On the opposite side, stitch the right sides of the small pink flap together with 1cm/3/8in allowance. Turn right sides out, press the seam allowances to the inside and topstitch close to the edge.
DIY Cosmetic Bag STEPS 7 8

Step 7: Mark the position for the magnet closure and carefully cut away. Bring both pieces of the clasp together. Step 8: Fold the bag in the middle with right sides together (with both bag flaps together) and stitch the side seam on each side to the marking.
DIY Cosmetic Bag STEPS 9 10

Step 9: Cut 2 fabric pieces 8 x 3 cm/31/4 x 11/8 in for the zipper ends. Press a piece of Bondaweb 4 x 3 cm / 1 1/2 x 1 1/8 onto the middle wrong side of each. Remove paper and press each end in the middle. Step 10: Fold each end in the middle, clip it to the zipper ends and topstitch close to the edge. Now the zipper is neatened for finishing.
DIY Cosmetic Bag STEPS 11 12

Step 11: Stitch both lower corners (bottom) with 4 cm/ 1 1/2 in allowance. Trim away the allowances in the corners to 1 cm/ 3/8 in. Step 12: Press the 1 cm/ 3/8 in seam allowance under along the bag flaps along the rounded edge. Clip the zipper in place and stitch close to each edge to finish.

FINISHED! All ready for your next trip.