Lady in Red: 11 Styles in Shades of Red
Simple lines come together for a truly sweet look. Braided trim at the neckline and sparkly buttons are fun details. Alternatively, you could also sew "this dress" : in denim for a sporty version.
"This cardigan" with the floral embroidery at the neckline and sleeve hems is so cute. It is sure to become a go-to favorite.
For the youngsters: We have added a mini “belt-like” detail along the banded collar. A cool detail that has the look of "a fine tuck"9.
A relaxed style to keep up with the adults in their festive Tracht. "This cardigan" features contrast buttons and a braided trim along the edge.
The dress gets the perfect touch of traditional with the on-point blouse. "This one" is decorated with mini ruffles along the neckline and puff sleeves.
Whether worn with jeans or with cropped trousers, "this shirt" with the tucks and the banded collar is simply one that works for every occasion – and as a bonus, it is also easy-care.
A charming and absolutely of "traditional inspiration dress" sewn with a formal striped brocade - and an apron with braided trim at the hem.
They will be cozy and warm in "these socks"9 knitted with a grey wool. True to style detail: The bottle green trim at the cuffs.