FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME: The New Burda Easy Beginner E-book!

Extra, extra! Read all about it! Burda Style has launched its brand-new special edition issue of Burda Easy Beginner, filled with sewing lessons for novice sewers!

Have you always wanted to make your own clothes, but you don't know how to sew? Interested in learning with real patterns? Halfway between the Burda sewing book and magazine, Burda Easy Beginner was made just for you!

This E-book was specially made to help you create your very first garments. It comes with 8 models in sizes 34 to 44 with illustrated step-by-step instructions and individual video tutorials in English! As you create your very first garments, you will learn all the sewing basics such as how to take your measurements, how to use a pattern, how to work with a sewing machine, how to distinguish different types of fabric, and much more!



Your Bandeau Top and Patchwork Scarf

Votre top bandeau et votre foulard patchwork


Before you begin sewing, it is important to know a few tips and tricks. “My beginner sewing lessons” will first show you how to organize your workspace as well as everything you need to know about sewing machines. Then, for your very first project, this magazine will teach you how to use a pattern to create a BANDEAU TOP! Not only is this model super simple to wear, but by putting it together, you will learn how to read a cutting layout as well as how to tell the difference between the right and wrong side of fabric. Once you are familiar with your sewing machine, you will learn how to stitch pieces together and finish fabric edges as you create this PATCHWORK SCARF. It is super versatile: wear it as a wrap or a turban, or turn it into a bag or comfy blanket.


Your Basic Top and First Skirt

Votre top basique et votre première jupe


Have you read “What tools do you need for sewing?” How about “How to prepare your fabric?” Good! And once you have finished the last two models, you’ll know how to cut pieces and stitch them together among many other things. You can now start sewing your BASIC TOP. Just remember to make sure that the sewing lines are placed one on top of the other. You will also learn how to sew a hem. Now you can tackle your very FIRST SKIRT, where you will work for the first time with larger pieces. You can choose between two skirt lengths according to your taste! Plus, you will learn how to sew an elastic waistband and create volume with your fabric.


Your First Dress and Pair of Pants

Votre première robe et votre premier pantalon


The magazine teaches you how to easily take your measurements in order to ensure the models are exactly your size. You will also learn here how to cut out pattern pieces. And thanks to the sewing lesson for your first skirt, you already know how to work with large pattern pieces. For the sixth project, your FIRST DRESS, you will learn how to attach facings to the neckline and how these are reinforced with interfacing. This simple dress in muslin is as fun to wear as it is to sew. Enjoy picking out your fabric! Choose from an electric blue, a cool, jungle print, or anything else your heart desires. And, as you know, you have already learned how to sew an elastic waistband with our skirt. Here, you will discover how to correctly put pant pieces together for your FIRST PAIR OF TROUSERS. When you are a beginner, a model like this can seem intimidating. This is why your magazine guides you along step by step and even comes with a video tutorial!


Your First Jacket and an Adorable Scrunchie

Votre première veste et votre chouchou


From explaining sewing jargon, to defining those complicated terms you find in the instructions, to pointing out the notches on pattern pieces, this magazine sheds light on all the terminology and practices you need to know! We have now arrived at the seventh model, your FIRST JACKET, seeing that you have mastered all the sewing basics. In this project, you will be using large pieces and working for the first time with a thicker fabric. Thanks to this simple model which is presented in step-by-step instructions and comes with a video tutorial, sewing your first jacket is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Your first handmade wardrobe is now finished. But what do you do with all your leftover fabric? In this last project you will learn how to use fabric scraps as you sew your very first SCRUNCHIE which is always so practical and super fun to make!