A Burda Style Look: A Sophisticated Look Full of Lightness

During the summer, there's just want thing we want: to put away the gray tones of winter and reveal our shoulders, arms, and legs! To enhance our silhouette and make the most of the sunniest days of the year, we opt for vibrant colors and equally vibrant prints.

For this year, the color to have in your wardrobe is blue. From azure, ocean, cobalt, lagoon, to navy, blue offers us an infinite palette of possibilities that are perfect for our outfits and bring to mind the refreshing nature of water.

For this totally blue look, elegance and lightness are the key! Worn together or separately, these two pieces are undoubtedly at the forefront of fashion. Versatile, this outfit can be worn during the day to explore the surroundings of your vacation destination or in the evening for a romantic dinner on the beach. 

Couture-Style Crêpe Top

Jersey T-shirt 121 | Burda Style 06/22Jersey T-shirt 121 | Burda Style 06/22


Jersey T-shirt 121 | Burda Style 06/22

Let's start our exploration of this blue look with an essential piece: a crepe t-shirt that, with its couture allure, adds a sophisticated and elegant touch to the ensemble presented today.

This asymmetrical top with short sleeves is more than what meets the eye. With its runway-worthy allure, one might think that its construction is highly complex. But think again! This radiant piece can be sewn quickly and easily. In no time, your wardrobe will be adorned with this marvel of unparalleled elegance. And let's not forget about the pleated sleeve that brings a light and airy touch, in perfect harmony with the flared skirt that we will present to you next. Finally, this vibrant blue floral print will captivate onlookers, leaving them dazzled by your bold look!

Chambray Denim-Style Skirt

Chambray Skirt 127 | Burda Style 06/22Chambray Skirt 127 | Burda Style 06/22


Chambray Skirt 127 | Burda Style 06/22

The 2000s look is back! If there's one trend that defined the 2000s, it's the total denim look. (Remember Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake appearing in matching denim outfits at the 2001 American Music Awards?) This summer, the trend is making a comeback and adorning summer clothing with its beautiful blue. 

The chambray skirt with a denim air is perfect for strolling through the streets during sightseeing. Its strengths? It flatters all body shapes and can be paired with almost any item you have in your wardrobe, such as a blouse or the asymmetrical top mentioned above. To enhance this exceptional fabric, the skirt features large practical pockets and rivet buttons. If you wish, you can unbutton a few to create a delicate slit and add a touch of boldness to the ensemble. 

Is the skirt too short? Don't hesitate to lengthen your pattern. And, on the other hand, if the skirt is too long for your liking, you can shorten it. 

By combining the chambray skirt and the crêpe t-shirt, you will create the illusion of wearing a single piece, a simple and elegant dress perfect for the summer season.


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