March 2022: The New Issue of Burda Style!

Dear passionate sewers, what’s better than walking around town on a warm day, wearing a jacket you have just made by hand and prompting looks of admiration and adoration? What’s better than throwing on a new DIY t-shirt and enjoying a picnic with your family outside under the sun as you sit on top of a blanket you have sewn yourself? In this issue, you will find the must-haves of 2022 straight off the catwalk, bucolic outfits perfect for basking in the spring air, upbeat prints and geometric shapes from our lively sports collection, and a wardrobe that invites you to travel to sunny, lush lands...


Front Runner

Dans la course

Geometric patterns and technical fabrics come together to create a sporty look for this entire collection. Inspired by the track and modified perfectly for the city.


Spring to Life

Vite, à l’air libre !


It’s here, the first models of spring! For children and adults alike, this collection boasts fun, joyful details and has a slightly retro vibe. A mixture of master pieces and patterns for beginners offers a wide selection of outfits always ideal for a picnic.


The Must-Haves of 2022

Les must-have de l’année 2022


Burda Style closely examined the trends of 2022 on the catwalk and is now excited to present you with 7 exclusive looks! Directly inspired by the major fashion houses around the world, these models will quickly become your go-to pieces.


Havana on the Horizon - Plus Collection

La Havane au rendez-vous - La collection Plus


We could all go for a vacation right now. Fortunately, these fabulous models in sizes 44 to 52 bring us to dreamy, faraway places thanks to their perfect mixture of feminine and masculine touches and flattering details.


Go Out on a Limb

L’école buissonnière


These models for kids for the month of March are quick and easy to make. They are sure to be a favorite due to their simple cuts and thoughtful enhancements. One thing is for sure: they are great to romp around in outside!

You can find these models in the March 03/2022 issue of Burda Style, in shops mid-February or on our website


And you can find these models from the new issue in PDF format now!