#MadeWithBurda: Olympia's Dress in Faux Leather

Our #MadeWithBurda series presents you with this stunning dress by Olympia. Check this beauty out!


How long have you been sewing?

Olympia's Sewing History


"I started sewing little projects about ten years ago. After having gained a lot of self-confidence in sewing, I decided to try sewing my own clothes. Now, I really enjoy every single step of the process (from tracing the pattern to hemming the cloth). I am trying to consistently create a wardrobe full of handmade garments!"


The Creation

The Creation

What pattern did you use?

Viscose Dress 119 Burda Style 08/20

You are ready for the first cool days with this slightly flared dress with 7/8 sleeves and smart panel seams. For an elegant touch, create a sew-in belt from the same fabric.


Viscose Dress 119 Burda Style 08/20


"I wanted to make this project because this model is a very classy and elegant dress that can be worn all day long. Its details are so beautiful! I did not want to make any modifications to it. This model was sewn with faux leather and I did not encounter any issues during the project. In fact, I loved the whole process! It was a real challenge for me to sew with faux leather, but I am so happy with the result! I am going to sew the pattern again using another type of fabric. In all, this model took me between 5 and 10 hours to make."

Fabulous job, Olympia! It is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing this with us! Want your creation featured on our website? Share your Burda project with us via the link below!