#MadeWithBurda: Anick's Jumpsuit in Viscose Jersey

For our #MadeWithBurda series, we are swooning over this fun and trendy jumpsuit in viscose jersey made by Anick!


How long have you been sewing?

Jane's Sewing History


"I've always sewn little things here and there, but I began sewing more often over the past year. With COVID, it helps me stay occupied."


The Creation

What pattern did you use?


What pattern did you use?

Viscose Jumpsuit A, B 102 07/17

This romper is more practical than a dress, though it is just as lovely. Its fun, bright print is sure to catch quite a few eyes. The gathered shoulders and waistline as well as the mini hem ruffles also make this model a hit.


Viscose Jumpsuit A, B 102 07/17


"I thought this model was so cute for summer, and it only took me between 5 and 10 hours to make. Made from a bright viscose jersey, I wanted to keep this model just as it is and did not modify it at all. I love wearing it, it brings me back to the past, like I'm once again a little girl."


Way to go, Anick! Thank you for sharing your stylish jumpsuit for summer with us! Want your creation featured on our website? Share your Burda project with us via the link below!