Focus: Burda Style Issue 01/2021: New Year, New Look

2021 is finally here! What can we take away from 2020? Time for ourselves is great—with just a little less craziness, thanks! So, let’s begin the new year with these cozy, easy-to-make models for simple, relaxing sewing.

Raglan Jacket and Wool Dress

Blouson raglan et robe en laine


This jacket is as cool as it is easy to make! The multi-colored ribbed cuffs and trimmed hem guarantee a sporty but put-together outfit for at home or in town. And the velvety-soft dress to the right offers an easy cut for a simple and elegant winter dress you’ll never want to get out of!

Oh-so Cozy Sweaters

Des pulls tellement doux


Crazy soft, this heather knit sweater is made from a simple cache-coeur cut that is closed with a sash and buckle around the waist. Feel free to mix and match a variety of tops to wear under this roomy cut. The ultra-comfortable fleece pull-over to the right comes with a dramatically draped turtleneck to show off your shoulders while staying cozy and warm!

Pants and Tunic

Pantalon et tunique


Sweatpants never cease to amaze us! This cool twist on the comfy attire comes with two lines of golden piping along the leg and a ribbed pintuck for an urban touch. And discover the easy-to-sew and easy-to-wear tunic that can be worn as either top or dress for a comfortable but stylish look. See how it is made with the illustrated step-by-step workshop!


All these models and many more can be found in the January 2021 issue of Burda Style, which can be found in shops or on