Focus: Burda Easy Kids 01/2022: Model #7, Cropped Jacket

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Focus: Burda Easy Kids 01/2022: Model #7, Cropped Jacket
By Burdastyle March 23, 2022 No comments

This month, take a look at the trendiest model from Burda Easy Kids. This cropped jacket is simple yet elegant, and it is sure to pair so well with just about any outfit. What’s more? Not only is this piece super chic, but it is sure to keep your little one warm when the evenings cool down.


The Sailor Look

Le look marin


I'm sew in love!

Oh, la la! This style is synonymous with French chic. It gives off a certain je ne sais quoi, don’t you think? Most often sewn from wool jersey, this piece can also be made from cotton or synthetic fibers. A striped top to wear along the coast is one of the hottest trends in children’s fashion at the moment thanks to its easy look and comfortable feel.

The straight, simple cut of this jacket is cropped to give off an extra cool air.


Interlock Jersey

Le jersey interlock


I'm sew in love!

Interlock jersey is a knitted fabric that is thicker and heavier than jersey and comes with two identical sides. Stretchy and comfortable, it is great for casual wear. For this fabric, don’t forget to use quality thread and special jersey needles.

Hesitant about sewing a jacket in your size? This mini model presents a fun and exciting challenge. Plus, you can avoid some of those more complex steps such as a zipper or placket with this easy children’s piece.



All these models and many more can be found in the 01/2022 issue of Burda Easy Kids, which can be found in shops or on in March.



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