February 2022: The New Issue of Burda Style!

This season's trends forecast a wonderful year for fashion, full of astonishing details, smart cuts, and beautiful new fabrics. Our issue for the month of February begins with an Exotic Prints collection which boasts an exciting addition to your everyday wardrobe. You will love it! The journey continues with a Far West look made for our modern trailblazers. Neon Colors comes next and leaves us with a smile, while Cool & Chic from the Plus Collection shows off a sharp, swanky style perfect for at home or the office. Happy sewing!


Exotic Prints

Imprimés ethniques


Exotic prints inspired by a trip around the world as we visit the incredible fashion of Africa, South America, and India. These extraordinary additions to your wardrobe brighten up classic models and guarantee a truly flattering silhouette. There is everything you could ask for! Discover skirts, parkas, blouses, and a beautiful sheath dress.


Look Far West

Look Far West


This collection is a breath of fresh air! Classic vintage with denim and flounce: these handmade models are perfect for walking around town or going on a grand adventure. There are tunics, skirts, and dresses as well as a jacket and coat to explore!


Neon Colors

Couleurs néons


These flashy tints presented as small touches here and there or as complete outfits will surely make you smile. This lively collection comes with two dresses, a skirt, a coat, a blouse, and a pair of pants.


Cool & Chic? Of Course! - The Plus Collection

Cool & chic ? Bien sûr ! - La collection Plus


Today, remote work reigns, but tomorrow we may be back at the office! The world of work has changed and with it, our wardrobe! This collection is an ode to comfort and style both at home at back at work. These looks in sizes 44 to 52 from the month of February will shake up your daily routine! Come discover an array of tops and dresses in addition to a gorgeous pantsuit and sweater.


Cowboy & Cowgirl in Training

Cow-boy en herbe


A Western vibe with cool fabric: these looks for little ones will have them galloping around with delight!

You can find these models in the February 02/2022 issue of Burda Style, in shops mid-January or on our website www.burdastyle.com!

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