Feature Story: Burda Easy 06/2022 - An Interview With Jessica Shaw

She learned how to sew from her grandmother, with whom she is very close. This same grandmother was, in her own way, a true pioneer of sustainability: known to use any and every scrap of fabric to sew beautiful things, she set an example her granddaughter would follow.

Meet Jessica Shaw, a spirited young woman who enjoys sharing her passion for sewing through fun, lively videos. Her YouTube channel is for anyone interested in sewing and DIY. We met up with Jessica to learn a little more about her!

Where did your passion for sewing come from?

I started sewing 5 years ago, though I never thought about taking it up before that. My grandma and her friends have sewn since I can remember, so I eventually got curious enough to want to learn. Naturally, I asked her to introduce me to sewing and share all the tips and tricks she knew. I look up to my grandma—she's the one who I get my thrifiness from! She grew up poor and made clothes from nothing for her 11 sisters. It's a good life lesson. When I made my first dress, I immediately fell in love with this creative art.

Jessica Shaw et sa grand-mèreJessica Shaw et sa grand-mère

Why do you want to help and guide beginner sewers through video tutorials?

A lot of people who first take up sewing are intimidated by it and think they have to be an expert to succeed. But this isn't the case, and I wanted to prove it through my tutorial videos where I do not hesitate to show that I've made mistakes. I don't remove shots or clips where I've messed up—just the opposite! I make a point of leaving them in. This is part of the normal process of sewing: making a mistake to learn from it and do better! All you have to do is remove the stitching and start again!

What types of garments do you like to sew, and what are some of your future sewing projects?

I love clothes that are simple and minimalist. The looks I am drawn to need to be versatile, comfortable, and sewn from natural fabrics. I aim to make 90% of the items in my wardrobe, and I would like them to be sustainable and made from 100% natural fibers. I hope to continue to inspire a community of beginner and intermediate sewers who love DIY!

Jessica ShawJessica Shaw

Which aspects of our magazines for easy sewing projects—Burda Easy and Burda Beginner—do you like in particular?

The concept works really well. I like being able to set about a project without feeling intimidated by the difficulty since the cuts are simple and the instructions are really easy to follow. And it's even better that the patterns are ready for use right away.

The models are geared towards a younger crowd, with trendy cuts and cool styles that easily fit in with current fashion. I love the basic top from Burda Beginner! It was the easiest top and fastest top I've ever made—it was finished in only 15 minutes. And it can be dressed up or down!

What would you suggest to someone who would like to start sewing?

The best advice I could give is to simply find joy in sewing an item or accessory you need. You'll quickly forget about any hassles you may encounter along the way!

Jessica ShawJessica Shaw

The full interview with Jessica Shaw can be found in your new November-December 06/2022 issue of Burda Easy, available in shops since November 10 and on our website!

You can find Jessica on her YouTube channel Jessica Shaw or her Instagram account @jessicashaw!