December 2023: the New Issue of Burda Style!

Discover the December issue of your Burda Style magazine!

This brand-new edition features a delightful collection of festive outfits! Each piece dances to the rhythm of Flamenco flair, with fiery Spanish inspiration infusing this festive wardrobe with fervor and passion. Next comes a collection embracing winter blooms to offer you its gentle warmth with serene pastel shades. Lastly, a collection dedicated to comfortable, essential pieces for outdoor life, for both him and her, will keep you warm throughout the winter. Our DIY workshop focuses on holiday celebrations with a charming monogrammed teddy bear and a textile Advent wreath that's both durable and eco-friendly!

Hispanic Trends

Hispanic trendHispanic trend

Immerse yourself in the elegance of the Hispanic trend, to the captivating rhythm of flamenco! Our viscose blouse 105 is simply stunning, with its three-tiered flared sleeves that add a touch of grace to every movement. Customize it to your style by creating a fabric flower from fabric scraps, which you can place wherever you like with a simple safety pin.

Let yourself be seduced by our precious jacquard jacket 111, adorned with rich and exquisite patterns. This unique piece stands out with its original ruffle, adding a bold touch to your outfit.

The Softness of Muted Tones

The softness of muted tonesThe softness of muted tones

Discover the soothing beauty of muted tones, a fashion that exudes tranquility and seamlessly integrates into your style! Our slightly oversized, heathered cotton blend coat 110 captivates with its cape-effect collar and slightly flared, oversized sleeves. This is a piece that combines casual elegance and comfort, enveloping you in cozy warmth while elevating your look.

Explore our velvety faux leather dress 121, a versatile piece perfect for any occasion and those mornings when your wardrobe inspiration escapes you. Its simplicity is its greatest strength: easy to wear, it accommodates all your everyday adventures. It effortlessly accessorizes, providing you with an ideal canvas to express your creativity and personality. Embrace these unique pieces and immerse yourself in a fashion that naturally complements your style, offering timeless elegance and complete freedom. Let the softness of muted tones enchant you and explore a serene style that reflects your authentic essence.

Batik-Inspired Basics

Batik-inspired basicsBatik-inspired basics

Explore our collection of batik-inspired basics, warm pieces with watercolor hues that invite you to fully immerse yourself in nature! Our wool blend jacket 125, both chic and incredibly comfortable, envelops you in softness with its leather-trimmed edges and hood, elegantly protecting you from the cold winds.

Also, discover our polyester pleated blouse 116 with batik patterns, proudly featuring a pointed yoke both at the front and back. This piece combines style and comfort, adding a touch of uniqueness to your wardrobe while keeping you warm on cooler days. Dive into the watercolor world of these unique basics and let yourself be carried away by the beauty of nature with every movement.

An Afternoon Stroll for Two

Her & Him on a strollHer & Him on a stroll

Embark on adventures as a duo! The cardigan 129, styled like a trucker jacket and crafted from a wool fabric with chevron-inspired nature motifs, stands out with its zip closure, giving it a youthful and sporty look. Also, discover the denim dress 107, paying homage to the denim tradition with its topstitching, cutouts, and cuffs. This piece embodies the authenticity and timeless style of denim, offering you a casual yet elegant look for your outdoor strolls.

Finally, for lumberjack style enthusiasts, the plaid tweed shirt jacket 130 is the perfect option. This piece, featuring an exclusive video tutorial, is lined with quilted fabric to ensure optimal warmth during your cold-weather outings.

For the Holidays

Around ChristmasAround Christmas

Immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of Christmas with our DIY projects! Our wreath 133 is delicately adorned with stars and hearts, adding a warm touch to your holiday decor. Additionally, our flannel and cotton teddy bear 135, lovingly crafted in our DIY workshop, is an adorable festive companion. Whether you gift them or add them to your decor, these unique creations will bring a touch of sweetness and charm to your Christmas this year.

These designs and many more can be found in the 12/2023 issue of Burda Style, available for sale in shops from mid-November 2023 or on our website