Burda Style Look: Cotton for a Refreshing Look!

In October, the month of International Cotton Day, discover our trendy ensemble! For this outfit, we've focused on comfort and elegance, a perfect combination to stay stylish during those autumn days. The neutral colors will enhance your sun-kissed complexion, a reminder of your summer vacation, while celebrating the softness of cotton.

Versatile, this ensemble will accompany you with style, whether it's for your casual outings or at the office, even as the summer season comes to an end!

Sleeveless Tailored Vest

Cotton Waistcoat 102 | Burda Style 04/23Cotton Waistcoat 102 | Burda Style 04/23


Cotton Waistcoat no. 102 | Burda Style 04/23

For the first piece of this look, we've chosen the long sleeveless cotton vest. This year, it's one of the trendy items that every fashion enthusiast wants in their wardrobe. So why not sew it yourself and have a fashion-forward piece of your own?

Typically a part of the 3-piece suit look borrowed from men's fashion, the sleeveless vest can be worn on its own (with or without a shirt underneath) and can be just as elegant. Sewn in cotton, which is the summer fabric along with linen, you can enjoy the warmth without any worries.

What are the features of this exquisite piece? First and foremost, its totally on-trend print: stripes that remind us of wood and neutral tones for a very natural look. Other charming elements include the long notched lapel that elongates your silhouette and the large flap pockets that can hold your essential accessories. These are assets that might make this vest your new favorite piece of the season!

Trendy Pleated Trousers

Cotton , Linen Trousers 106|Burda Style 07/21Cotton , Linen Trousers 106|Burda Style 07/21


Cotton, Linen Trousers no. 106 | Burda Style 07/21

Now that you have the elegant piece of this look, it's time to think about comfort with these gorgeous pleated trousers in cotton and linen, boasting numerous qualities!

You'll be charmed by the sophisticated details that adorn this garment. Wide belt loops allow you to tastefully accessorize this model, perhaps with a cord that adds a touch of originality while emphasizing the chic and relaxed side of the piece. The pattern is also alluring! Stripes, the dominating trend of the season, will elongate your silhouette, making it appear more slender. You'll also find finely gathered elastic at the ankles. With this detail, the pants seem to have a ballooning effect, giving them a charming bohemian style.

The combination of this vest and these trousers will breathe a sense of lightness into your 100% cotton look.

These models are available in PDF format in just one click on our website www.burdastyle.com!